berimbao (4 guit)

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berimbao (4 guit)

16 p. + parties séparées, Niveau 3


Jurg Kindle is a Swiss composer, guitarist and percussionist and has written several works for the guitar. Berimbao is subtitled 'Percussion Guitar Music No.1, Quartet No. 3. This 'percussion' series is based on AFrican and Afro-Cuban rhythms and attempt to imitate ancient percussion instruments; the other two quartets being based on the Kalimba (an African 'thumb piano') and the Kangogi (African bells). Berimbao resembles an archer's bow with a sound 'body' attached and a metal string, which is struck with a thin wooden stick; this sound is duplicated by the guitarist in the bass part occasionally striking the string with a stick. This composition is in one long movement, which gradually builds up the excitement by using various rhythmic configurations between the parts making this into a very entertaining and exhilarating work. This is good fun for everyone concerned players and audience alike - and deserves many performances. At the suggested tempo, an ensemble would need to be of around the grades 6-7 standard to make it work. The presentation is excellent with separate parts for each player.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine, January 2002)

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