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Dogal Diamante

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Serie DIAMANTE, Set Amato.

The innovation of these new strings consists in:
- addition of carbon fibers to the traditional nylon in the monocore trebles.
- addition of kevlar and carbon fibers to the traditional nylon in the multi-strand core of the basses. All this brought several advantages: brightness, without loss of durability, long sustain, richness of harmonics having at the same time a foundation well denoted.
A further advantage is the excellent stability of tuning.
These strings represent the dream of every guitar player: reaghing that expressiveness obtained only by a personal touch to which the strings must not be of obstacle but of help.
A last advantage is that, thanks to these innovative materials, the tension reduces to only 7.7 kg in the extra-strong version down to 6.6 kg for the extra-soft version leaving so the instrument top free to vibrate correctly.

Trebles: nylon "carbon"
Basses: silver wound

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4 von 5 Dogal Serie DIAMANTE, Set Amato.

ausgewogene, gute Saiten mit gutem Preis/Leistungsverhältnis.

., 02.09.2017
5 von 5 Dogal

Super Saiten auf meine Manuel Contreras. Beste Saiten was ich gespielt habe......gerne immer wieder

., 09.05.2012

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