Play Guitar with Milos, level 2

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Karadaglic Milos

Kategorie: für klassische Gitarre

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Play Guitar with Milos, level 2
+ Online Audio

Learn the secrets of the world?s most popular classical guitarist, and join Milos on his classical guitar journey!

Be inspired, have fun and make new discoveries with Milos's personal stories, photos and the classical guitar pieces that he has loved and played over the years.
From the very first guitar pieces that excited Milos as young boy of 8 in Montenegro to the repertoire he has performed and played in his concerts and on his albums worldwide.

Now that you know some of the basics from Play Guitar with Milos Level 1, build your knowledge of chords, handshapes, and right-hand techniques, as demonstrated by Milo? himself in Play Guitar with Milos Level 2.

Let his passion for the classical guitar take you on the Milos journey!

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