JG Dynamic White Normal Tension NT

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Royal Classics

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JG Dynamic White, Normal Tension, 1 Set

By incorporating these new trebles RC Strings brings a purer and diaphanous sound, faithful to the beauty of the voice of the guitar.
A ?pure? powerful sound with enormous projection and clarity. They provide the maximum expression and comfort for any interpretation.

1st  E (White) 0,71 mm / .028??
2nd B (White) 0,81 mm / .033??
3rd  G (White) 1,02 mm / .040??
4th  D (Silverplated) 0,78 mm / .031??
5th   A (Silverplated) 0,86 mm / .034??
6th   E (Silverplated) 1,09 mm / .043??

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