GPX Carbon Trebles HT - HT Bass

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Oasis Strings

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GPX Classic Guitar Strings, Carbon Trebles - High Tension Bass, 1 Set

Kiss Intonation Problems Goodbye!

Carbon Treble strings are notorious for intonation problems, usually because the diameter varies throughout the length of a string. To solve this challenge, we have reformulated our GPX? carbon treble strings for unsurpassed accuracy in diameter consistency. Laser micrometer technology ensures that ?true? strings will be packaged, allowing your guitar to play in tune from the first fret through the higher positions.

The New GPX? carbon trebles won?t delaminate (shred) either, like some other carbon treble strings. Players report playing these strings over 100 hours before changing sets.

With these improvements the GPX carbon treble strings are the best string available on the market today.Don?t take our word for it! Here is what James Piorkowski, professor of classical guitar at Fredonia School of Music in New York said,

    "These new carbon strings by Oasis are simply wonderful! With warm tone color and plenty of sustain, my guitar is now free to sing sweetly. Thankfully, my search for the optimum string is over. Bravo, Oasis!"

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