Simply Guitar (Book Two)

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Lindsey-Clark Vincent, Mac Donald Alexander

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Note to teachers

Book Two builds on the basic
mechanical techniques learnt in the first
volume of Simply Guitar, Through thirty
seven dedicated new compositions the
Spanish guitar Student encounters the
basic interpretative skills that will enable
him to play with greater musicality and

Part One covers higher positions and
their associated keys, together with skills
needed to move around the fingerboard.

Part Two considers three aspects of
articulation: damping open bass strings,
staccato playing and slur techniniuque.

Part Three deals with the right hand:
tonal range (ponti/tasto), accents and
dynamic balance between voices.

Finally there are five pieces considering
different expressive effects: pitch control,
vibrato, tremolando, tempo variation and

Although this sequence has some logic
to it, feel free to adapt it according to
your teaching circumstances. 

There is CD of this music which also
previews music in Simply Spanish,
Simply Latin and Simply Swing.

Vincent Lindsey-Clark
Alexander MacDonald  

Basic skills for Spanish guitar (Book Two)


Part I The fmgerboard

4 Fifth position 
   Spanish folk song, Cancion
5 Here and there
6 Variations in D minor
7  Arabian nights
8  Night light
10 Letting go    
12 Second position 
     A Prelude
13 Italian dance
14 Merry-go-round
15 Speeding along
16 Back horne
18 Seventh position
     Sky high 
19 Jacob's ladder
20 Half barré
     Half bar twelve bar
21 Chanson 

Part II Articulation     

22 Bass damping
     Thumbs up
23 Behind the base line
24 Staccato exercises
     Stop it!
25 Powdered wigs
26 Slurs
     Off the cuff
27 Minuet, Gigue
28 Cheeky Chôro
30 At the carnival

Part III Tone and dynamics  

32 Tone (ponti-tasto)
34 Accents
     Two minds
35 Chord balance
      Saturday night
36 Combining rest and free stroke
37 Jam spoon
38 Shadow of the moon 

Part IV Expressive effects

40 Pitch control
     Bending the rules
42 Vibrato
     Port Quin
44 Tremolando
46 Tempo control
     Whirl wind
48 Harmonics
     Tune up tune  

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