Concert Cushion® with long flap

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Concert Cushion® with long flap

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Concert Cushion® with long flap

For more stability and comfort in positioning the guitar


The Concert Cushion is based on an idea by the Uruguayan Guitarist Abel Carlevaro, given to the public domain in her "Escuela de la Guitarra".
The Concert Cushion size 1 (see table below) is the model which better corresponds to the original idea of Carlevaro.

Several advantages in the use of the Concert Cushion and Cloth

The cushion allows for better adaptation of the guitar side on the left leg and offers, therefore, more comfort in positioning the instrument.

Furthermore, it elevates the level for resting the guitar on the left leg, allowing for:
a) better positioning and performance of the right hand above the 12th fret, as well as
b) a reduction in the height of a foot stand or even dispensing with it (beginning with size 3 or 4).
It can even contribute to an improvement in the guitarist's body posture.

Models and combinations of the Concert Cloth and the Concert Cushion

The Concert Cloth and the Concert Cushion are available in the following models and combinations:

  • Set of Concert Cushion (with short flaps) + Concert Cloth (short)
  • Concert Cushion with long flap
  • Set of two short Concert Cloths
  • Long Concert Cloth

The Concert Cushion with short flaps should be used on the left leg together with the short Concert Cloth on the right leg preventing the guitar from sliding which is essential for position stability. The Concert Cushion with long flaps dispenses with these two separate items.

The piece of coated foam which constitutes the "cushion" itself is stitched on a short concert cloth (42 cm =16.5") providing the cushion with two 16 cm (6.3") side flaps. The side flaps in Carlevaro's original concept helped prevent the item from easily falling from the leg.

This coated foam when sewn on a long cloth provides the cushion with a long flap of 68cm (26.8") and a short flap of 16 cm (6.3"). The long flap can be extended to the opposite leg dispensing with the use of an additional cloth.

The long flap Concert Cushion is, thus, an alternative to the two-piece set, leaving it to individual taste the preference for choosing one model or another.

We should mention, however, that the Concert Cushion with long flap (or the long Concert Cloth) is often preferred for its practicality because it is considered easier to use as one piece, thus preventing any single piece from falling, especially in a public performance.

Many guitarists say that using this item with long flap gives more stability to the instrument allowing for more variety in guitar positioning.

For those who prefer to avoid raising the guitar position height we recommend the use of the two separate short Concert Cloths or the Long Concert Cloth which is equivalent to the two short ones.

Product Characteristics

The products are manufactured with fine black suede, composed of 95% polyester and 5% viscose rayon, additionally with two layers of synthetic latex, which prevent the guitar from sliding at the contact points with the legs.

These products are 90% made by hand, piece by piece.

The inner material is high density foam (FPF) and has a stable shape.

The Concert Cushion is available in six different sizes which differ only in height:

  • Size 1:  Height 3 cm
  • Size 2:  Height 5 cm
  • Size 3:  Height 7 cm
  • Size 4:  Height 10 cm
  • Size 5:  Height 12 cm
  • Size 6:  Height 15 cm

    With: 10 cm, Length: 16cm,
    Dimensions with short flaps: 17x42 cm

How to choose the height of the Concert Cushion

To choose the height of your individual Concert Cushion (if you want to replace the foot stool), lift the guitar to the desired height and measure with a ruler the distance between the guitar side (small guitar curve) and your left leg. The Cushion height that is closest to the measurement then will be the most appropriate.

Note: The height of the stool does not match the height of the cushion that will replace it. This could only be true if the guitar was supported exactly at the knee. If the guitar rests next to the body, the height needed for the cushion will be much lower.

Suggestion for the use of the Concert Cushion sizes regarding heights and stability:

In general, for positioning the guitar on the cushion, the lower the height, the greater the stability.

However in positioning the guitar on higher cushions (above size 3 or 4) stability may depend on individual placement of the instrument on the surface of the cushion.

Thus, it was found that for greater stability in most cases, it is necessary to position the cushion a little more forward (toward the knee) so that the guitar can rest on the side of the cushion closest to the body as shown in the picture above.

Note: In the form of a hexahedron, the foam of the Concert Cushion, due to its inherent flexibility and elasticity, adapts to the curves of the guitar and the leg when in the play position giving it the necessary stability.
For this reason, it is not necessary to make its edges or base round in order to follow the shape of the instrument and the leg.

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