Concert Cushion® size 1 (3cm) & Concert Towel®

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Concert Cushion® & Concert Towel®

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Concert Cushion® size 1 (3cm)

For more stability and comfort in positioning the guitar


The Concert Cushion is based on an idea by the Uruguayan Guitarist Abel Carlevaro, given to the public domain in her "Escuela de la Guitarra".

The Concert Cushion size 1 (see table below) is the model which better corresponds to the original idea of Carlevaro.


The Concert Cushion allows a better adaptation of the guitar to the left leg and, because of its non-skid surface, fixes better the guitar on the leg. It offers therefore more comfort and stability in positioning the instrument.

Further the use of the Concert Cushion allows better positioning and performance of the right hand above the 12th fret.

Another advantage of the Concert Cushion is the fact that it elevates the height level for resting the guitar on the left leg. It can be combined with the employment of a foot-stand, allowing adjusting this lower and making the body posture more equilibrated.

In the case of size 4, and in some cases up to size 3 (see table below), the Concert Cushion may even dispense the utilization of a foot stand, contributing to an improvement of the guitarist?s body posture.


The Concert Cushion is available in four sizes (height variations):

  • Size 1:  Height 3 cm
  • Size 2:  Height 5 cm
  • Size 3:  Height 7 cm
  • Size 4:  Height 10 cm

    With: 10 cm, Length: 16cm, Dimensions with side brims: 17x42 cm

The Concert Cushion is provided with side brims, which have basically the purpose to avoid the piece to descend lightly from the leg. This could be significant, because of the usual placement of the cushion, which is a little inclined to the inner surface of the thigh, in order to lean the guitar laterally and, at the same time, to gain more space for the left hand to move and perform in the acute regions of the fingerboard.

Further the side brims do give to the cushion a finer visual, keeping also his already traditional appearance.

The new model of the Concert Cushion is manufactured with a special non-skid material in black, compound of a layer of polyurethane on fabric (cotton + polyester). Herewith the visual aspect is significantly improved, giving at the same time more adherence to the guitar.

The inner material is foam (FPF) of high density and stable shape.
In its form of hexahedron, the foam of the Concert Cushion, due to its inherent flexibility and elasticity, adapts perfectly to the curves of the guitar and the leg, giving with this the necessary stability.

Combination of the Concert Cushion with the Concert Towel®

The Concert Cushion and the Concert Towel are accessories used preferentially as a set: the Cushion on the left leg and the Concert Towel on the right leg. Herewith the guitar becomes fixed in a more stable way, allowing the right arm to move freely, to attend any technical needs without affecting the positioning of the guitar.

The material used to manufacture the Concert Towel is identical to the used one in the Concert Cushion covering. Thus Cushion + Towel form an harmonious set.

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