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Abukenke (mittelschwer)

8 p., Niveau 3


Abukenke is based on an Afro-Cuban dance rhythm and is subtitled Percussion Guitar Music No. 4. To perform this piece the guitar has to be prepared by crossing the fifth and sixth strings at the sixth fret and holding them in a fixed position by using a match; also a piece of eraser needs to be inserted under the first string near the bridge. 'Normal' sounds are produced therefore on the remaining strings with the percussive effects being played either side of them.
Works written with these kinds of special effects can sound very contrived and pretentious but in this case it all seems perfectly natural. This is due in the main to the infectious rhythmic character rather than to any lyricism and if performed at the suggested tempo makes for an exciting and unusual piece which, If played with conviction, could generate quite a stir with audiences.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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